Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Soundarya Lahari Yantras

testt said...

Dear mam.

I found one website regarding yantra making.
Please check the below details


Saundaryalahari yantras as most powerfull one,but you have to meditate daily after wearing the yantra.It is prepared in golden sheet and 41 days special poojas done with nivedyam.It is enclosed in golden loket and you can wear it.It will cost 17000rs.

Pooja and nivedyam will be done by me.once you are ordering yantra it will take 41 daays to complete all the process and after that i can corier you the yantra.You can see the picture in the following link of my website


I use to prepare all types of yantras which is helpfull to people.Saundaryalahari yantras i use to prepare regularly

Please let me, is it worth investing?


SREE said...

Just browsing and saw your query. I would suggest that it is better to draw the yantra in a copper plate instead of gold because firstly copper is inexpensive and the abhishekam will have the benefits of copper in it. Moreover after the pooja number of days we dont use the yantra, so better to go for a copper yantra. This they do in Genguraman street in Sowcarpet which will cost you less that thousand rupees.

Unknown said...

Hello Madam,

Please let me know the exact address in order to get these yantras engraved in copper plates. I live in the U.S and I know a lot of people here that would benefit from getting this item. This way, I can talk to the person directly and order.

ಮಂಜು said...

Dont go with readymade yantra's :) , try to get yantra's from a good guru or atleast try to write by your's self.

अभिषेक said...

hi. do you know any person who has made yantra on copper plate and done siddhi of it by soundrya lahari mantras? i am interested in the soundarya lahari's sadhanas. and want to do them. if peopless of genguramam street has done siddhi by this way on coppper plate. then please tell us so that i will also build some yantras on copper plate and i will worship it for siddhi of it. thanks.


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