Saturday, August 1, 2009

Radhe Radhe!

"Vina Radhaa prasaadena Krishna Praapthirnajaayathe
Thathah Sri Raadhika Krishnau Smaraneeyou su samayuthe!"
Lord Krishna cannot be attained without the presence of Radha.The Lord grants His vision to the devotee who meditates on the form of Lord Krishna in the company of His divine consort,Radha!
Radha was born on the thithi ashtami, in the star of Jyeshta in the month of Bhadrapada to King Vrishabhanu and Queen Kirthi. Radhashtami falls 15 days after Sri Krishna Janmashtami.She was born in a small village called Rawal on the banks of river Yamuna. She was believed to be older than Sri Krishna and after birth She had opened her eyes only when Lord Krishna was born.
Radha was known for Her stunning beauty and Her expertise in fine arts.She was described as a "Gandharava stree" for her dancing skills and expertise on rudra veena.
"Veena-Vadana Sangeetha Rasalaasya Visaaradha
Narada Pramukhodgeetha Jagadaanandi Sadyasah"-this a verse from Radha Ashtothram,describing Her expertise in veena,music and dance.
Her favourite ragas were known to be Megh malhar (close to Raga Brindavani) and Dhanasri (close to Abheri).
The 12the century poet,Jayadeva had composed "Githa Govindam",describing the relationship between Krishna and the gopis of Vrindavan, and in particular one gopi named Radha.
The twelve chapters of Githa Govinda is the erotic love expression between Krishna and Radha,defining the ecstasy of samyoga between Paramatma and Jeevatma.
Radha is the Goddess of love,beauty and fine arts,especially veena.The strains of veena endear the practitioner to the Divine Consort of Lord Krishna.Prayers to Goddess Radha bestows beauty,charm and expertise in arts(especially veena), on the devotee.
Rendering of Jayadeva Ashtapadis vocally or instrumentally balance the yin and yang (masculine and feminine factors) in oneself by ironing out excesses of either factor or enhancing the quality of yin and yang, whereever it is lacking.
The beauty and attributes of Radha are known to be compared to Goddess Tripurasundari.
The stanza from Tripura Sundari Ashtakam,
"Kadamba Vanavaasineem Kanaka Vallakee Dhaarineem
Mahaarha Manihaarineem Mukha Samullasadvaaruneem
Dayaavibhavakaarineem Vishadalochaneem Chaarineem
Trilochana Kutumbineem Tripurasundareem Ashraye!"-(I seek refuge in the immaculate and beautiful Mother,Who carries a Veena at Her breasts,Whose tresses are curly,Who resides in water-lily petals, Who is inimical to cunning minds, Who has eyes which are red as though due to the consumption of wine, Who entices the destroyer of Manasija (Lord Shiva), Who is the daughter of Sage Matanga (as Matangi) and who speaks mellifluously)-this sloka imbibes the spirit of Radha and Her great qualities bestowing on the devotee love,peace ,joy and great expertise in veena.
The greatest Radha Mantra is "Aum Parama Prema Rupaya Namaha".Chanting of this mantra atleast 108 times everyday,brings about divine intervention and divine love into one's life.
There are many prayers on Radha,like Radha Kripa Kataksha Stavam, Sri Radhika Ashtakam, Radha Kunda Ashtakam,Radha Sahasranamam etc. for the devotees of the Goddess of beauty and fine arts.
Radhastami is celebrated with great religious fervour in Radha temple in Barsana, on the outskirts of Vrindavan. Men, women and children sing and dance with delirious joy and devotion,expressing their great devotion on Her Janmashtami.
Radhastami falls on August 27th this year.Radhe Radhe!


Mom15 said...

That is very interesting. I never knew that Radha was worshipped (i.e. there are slokas and mantras on her) and that her janma dinam is celebrated. Something I learnt today.

malathi said...

dear madame,

I know that relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha is paramathma and Jeevathma. But I have not read deeply on that, this article is fine one and really it is valuable article. I am really astonishing your capacity of not restricting yourself to a form and have gathered vast knowledge spiritually, really mam it is not false words you are a gifted guru for me, am enjoying all yr articles keep writing madame.
with love

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear M15,Thank you again.Goddess Radha has always been regarded as the divine consort of Lord Krishna,even I learnt about this on my visit to Barsana,unknowingly on Radhastami and subsequent study of her charitra.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Mrs.Mala,Thank you once again.I had understood the individual supremacy and divinity of Radha on my visit to Barsana last year on Radhashtami.I developed great love and devotion for Her instantly and studied about Her.I am sharing the most vital information I have been able to gather.I don't deserve the compliments,thank you very much!With love,Gayathri

Shabari said...

Hi VG Ji,
Very nice article on Radha.. Never knew Radha is associated with fine arts!!
Also, went through the Tripura Sundari Ashtakam.. I suppose you are refering to the 5th slokam ('Kuchaanchitha vipanchikaam..') in this article..


Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Mrs. Mythili,Yes I was referring to Tripura Sundari Ashtakam (5).
I was equally surprised when I first came to know of the little known side of Goddess Radha.Thank you and regards,Gayathri

Karthik Krishnaswami said...

Dear Gayathri,
As I read through your post, something very interesting caught my attention. You mentioned that Megh Malhar and Dhanasri were the favourite ragas of Radhe. Megh Malhar was quite understandable, given the inherent romance in the rains. But why Dhanasri?
As I looked around in the internet, I came across this great video,
where Dhanasri is described as a raga which denotes a sense of being carefree, a feeling arising from the fact that there is nothing to fear as long the Almighty is our protector. A strong sense of contentment with all that we have in life.This video and your post have added a completely dimension my understanding of the the nature of Radha Thanks a lot!
Please look at the video at your leisure and comment.

Veenaagayathri said...

Thank you for the link, I agree and I really enjoyed the music!

Unknown said...

Shree RADHE meri swamini me Radhe tero das,
Janam janam mohi dijiyo shree charan me vash,
Sab dwar ko chhod ke me aayo tere dwar,
O vrushbahnu ki ladli dekho meri or aaj'
Barsane ki Radhika or nandgav ke shyam,
Unke charano me me karu koti koti pranam


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