Monday, August 24, 2009

Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.22


"Bhavani Thvam Daase Mayi Vithara Drushti Sakarunaam
Ithi Sthothum Vaanchan Kathayathi Bhavaani Thvamithiyaha!
Thadaiva Thvam Thasmai Dishasi Nijasaayujyapadaveem

Literal Meaning:"When one, desirous of praying to Thee using terms like-' Oh,Bhavani, bestow Thy gracious glance on me, Thy servant', even before he utters "Bhavani Thvam", Thou bestow on him the status of oneness with Thy feet at which divinities like Vishnu, Brahma and Indra are performing the lustration ceremony with the brilliance of their diadems( as they bow down their heads in prostration)."
Mode of worship:Yantra to be made on gold plate.. Sitting in a temple or by a river or water tank, facing East, chant this sloka 1008 (1000) times for 44 (45) days.
Archana:Chanting of Lalitha Sahasranamam offering red flowers or vermillion.
Offerings:Cooked rice mixed with curd, cooked rice mixed with turmeric powder, scrapings of coconut kernel mixed with sugar and a little ghee, boiled milk, fruits and honey.
BENEFICIAL RESULTS:Fulfillment of all earthly desires and pleasures, freedom from wants and freedom from dependence on others.
Literal Results:In an aggressive relationship, befriending the opponent. Patronage from high sources, establishing independence.


Neeraj said...

This is one of the most important slokas in Soundarya Lahari where a deveotee just wants to stay under the Lotus feet of the Mother of all the worlds.

This stotra is very powerful and effective only for those who know Sanskrit language. Reading it any other language will not help as the accent/sound is the most important aspect in sanskrit mantras/slokas. Only other thing that could replace this is Bhakti and Surrender to the Supreme. May everyone just surrender wholeheartedly, not leaving even a bit of their heart to other mundane things, to the Mother of millions of worlds and benefit immensely.

Mantras are not for all the people of the current age.

Veenaagayathri said...

You are right!

Luiz G. Vidigal Estellita Lins said...

Sounds, is important to recognize, are more subtle than ears can hear as truth is more complex than our judgement can reach. Bhaja Govindam!

Veenaagayathri said...

You are right Mr.Luiz G.Estellita Lins,
Thank you and regards,

vpshri said...

Respected Madam,

Jagadamba is avyaaja karunaa murti. The import of the sloka can definitely understood only by those who know samskritam. No doubt about it. But the sloka itself is about someone who does not know samskritam. There is a legend connected with this sloka which you may be certainly aware of.

A layman wanted to gain the grace of jagadamba and was instructed by a scholar that he go and repeat "Bhavani Thvam Daase Mayi Vithara Drushti Sakarunaam". But by the time he reached the temple all that he could recollect was Bhavani Thvam. Bhavani as a noun is the consort of Bhava (Shiva). But Amba who is the embodiment of unconditional and unbounded grace made this a verb (bhava - to become) and she convinced herself that He was praying I become You (bhavani thvam) and decided to grant him his prayer by giving the nijasayujya padavi by taking him on Her lap just as mother would take her baby. Is this not enough proof that bhakti is more important than vibhakti!

samsaara panka nirmagna samuddharana pandithaayai namo nama:

Thanks and regards,
Dr. V. Prasanna Shrinivas

vpshri said...

Respected Madam,

I was so overwhelmed by emotion that I missed to add this in my previous post.

Thanks for this sloka that helped me at least for a fraction of a second recollect Her infinite grace to even some one as low as me.

May Jagadamba raise Her hands in benediction and continue to shower Her infinite blessings on us, Her children and make us worthy recipients of Her continuous guidance from within and without, here and now.

Looking forward to your commentary on Umasahasram.

Thanks and regards,
Dr. V. Prasanna Shrinivas

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri.Dr.VPSri,
Thank you and pray for Goddess's grace on you.I shall post on Umasahasram at my earliest convenience.


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